Meringue Kiss Lampshade Yellow

This lampshade was inspired by the delicious meringue cookies. It can turn any room into a special one.

The lamp is made of pastel color plastic sheet, folded to become a beautiful lampshade that will add glamour to any room.


Colors :

     Outside - yellow, Inside - white

     Available in 7 pastel colors : white, yellow, pink, gray, blue, coral, green.


There are two options to hung the lampshade: 

     - Cone shape

     - Clipped cone shape


Dimensions :

     - 26 cm / 10 inch height (cone shaped)

     - 22 cm / 8.5 inch height (clipped cone shape)

     - 39.5 cm/15.5 inches diameter

With the lampshade you get a gray silicone ceiling lamp light holder.

The lampshade arrives flat with simple folding instructions inside.


Designed by Adva Yehuday